2. Learn: Why ‘Eat 5 A Day’?

Learning objective and success criteria:Eat 5 A Day

  • To understand why we should ‘Eat 5 A Day’
    • I can explain what it means to ‘Eat 5 A Day’ and why it is important
    • I can explain the benefits of eating various fruit and vegetables every day



  • Recap learning from previous lessons.
  • Read out loud – story about fruit and vegetables (included below).
  • Talk about how digestion works. Measure the length of small intestine.
  • Read about fruit and veg at the stations – and taste some!
  • Formative assessment quiz.
  • Re-explain concepts that children find challenging.
  • Independent writing.


Ingredients for the tasting station:Tasting station fruit and veg

  • A selection of interesting fruit and vegetables, including avocados, baby carrots, baby beetroots, pears, pomegranates, etc.


Read out loud

On a dining table, in an old house sat a basket which was full of fruits. Nobody ate the fruits except a few flies. Ms Banana, Mr Orange and Ms Apple felt they led boring lives. Ms Banana was sad because she was too thick skinned. Mr Orange was too round and Ms Apple was annoyed with how easily children kept talking about her every time they learnt the alphabet. “A for annoying”, she would yell, but alas, nobody would hear her.

Fruit basket

One day, Ms Banana had had enough. She decided to set out on a journey to discover the true meaning of her life. Mr Orange and Ms Apple decided to pack their bags too.

They dusted themselves off and started one morning. Some time later they passed a school. “A for annoying children” thought Ms Apple. But, oh, she saw a boy holding his stomach who looked like he was in pain. Ms Apple’s heart melted and asked the boy, Alexander, what the matter was. Alex told her that he had not passed motions and was in pain. Ms Apple, knew what she had to do to help his digestion. She asked Alex to eat her and his pain vanished. Ms Apple had a changed heart, she did not think that children learning the alphabet were annoying anymore. She thought that now ‘A stands for awesome’.

Orange2Just a little further, a boy named Oscar, sat under a tree reading a book. He was sneezing and had a runny nose. Mr Orange, went over by his side and asked him what the matter was. “Nothing”, Oscar said. “Just the onset of a cold and a fever!” Mr Orange would not let that happen. He walked to the cafeteria with him and got himself blended into a juice. Oscar knew he would not get the cold or the fever thanks to Mr Orange!

Ms Banana was now alone. Her friends were gone. While she sat quite close to the school Banana smallbuilding, she saw Bella, exhausted after two continuous PE classes. She lay her head on the table and tried to get some rest as she was low on energy. Ms Banana’s heart went out to her. She asked if she needed any help and quickly mixed herself up into a cup of milk and turned into a banana smoothie. Bella, with the help of the natural sugar and other nutrients in the banana began to feel stronger. Ms Banana, had found her purpose. She learnt that she was not ‘thick skinned’ but had a warm heart.

Thus the fruits found their purpose. So dear children, which fruit are you going to help today?