4. Learn: Starchy Food

Learning objective and success criteria:

  • To understand the importance of starchy food
    • I can explain why starchy food is essential for the brain and the entire body, especially during breakfast
    • I can explain why it is good to avoid starchy food for dinner
    • I can explain the difference between complex and simple carbs

Preparation, resources:

  • Slides; print out slides 3-11, print and cut out cards about energy sources on slides 4-5
  • Teacher notes
  • Tasting station: one small bowl with 2 tablespoons of wholegrain flour, one small bowl with 2 tablespoons of plain flour; wholegrain bread and white bread cut in small pieces, one piece for each child; a small plate with olive oil (to dip bread into)

Read out loud

Child sleepingLina always got up late. Her mother would wake her up but Lina would laze around and refuse to get out of bed and get ready for school. This meant that she would stuff her books in her bag and would rush out never having the time for breakfast, apart from a glass of milk and some cookies.

In class, Lina found it hard to concentrate. She got really hungry as the day passed and she would be famished by the time it was recess.Chicken in the tummy

One day something strange happened. Lina sat in class during reading session and she heard a strange sound from her stomach. She felt like the chicken she ate at dinner had become alive. Her father had cooked dinner last night and he must have taken it out of the oven before it got cooked. She clutched her stomach and tried stopping the sound. After sometime, the sound stopped.

One day, the sound was really loud. It felt like she had a tiger in her tummy. She was scared and thought maybe she was going to get really sick. Lina returned home from school and told her mother about the noise in her tummy.

Tiger in the tummy“You don’t have to worry,” Lina’s mother comforted her. “There are no animals in your tummy. Your stomach rumbled out of hunger.”

Lina’s mother explained that breakfast is the most important meal and it should never be missed. It was not enough to have a glass of milk, some cookies or even a few fruits early in the morning. Carbs – potatoes with skin, bread, cereal, and other grains were very important.

Muesli and juiceThe next morning, Lina woke up on time and ate heartily. The energy from her breakfast made her concentrate better and made her feel very strong. Lina was happy that she was not sick nor were there animals alive inside her tummy!