5. Learn: Dairy Products

Learning objective and success criteria:

  • Understand why we need to eat dairy products every day
    • I can explain why our bones and teeth need dairy products
    • I can explain why flavoured milk is problematic

Preparation, resources:

  • Tasting station: 3 types of cheese such as Emmental, Red Leicester, Camembert
  • Slides
  • Teacher notes

Read out loud: Twin Brothers Meet After 70 Years

Twin Brothers2George and Lucian are 70 years old. They are twins. They are meeting each other for the first time in their lives. They were born in Poland, during the war. There was no food to eat and no place to stay. Their mother Anna felt unsafe and hungry. She made the most difficult decision of her life: to give up her twin boys for adoption.

Her sons were adopted by two different families, and they ended up living in two countries far apart: France and Japan. One of the boys was named Lucian, while the other was named George.

Twin Brothers3The boys grew up separately, went to different schools, played different games and listened to different stories. When they were teenagers, their parents told them the story of how they found them, and that they had a twin brother. But they did not know the name of their brother and had no idea how to find each other.

Years passed and now finally after turning 70 years old, Lucian managed to find George. They sent each other emails and decided to meet in Poland, the country where they were born. They planned to meet at the same place they knew their mother lived in. After much planning, the day of the meeting came. They hugged and kissed when they met and were happy to see that they looked so similar. They had the same nose, eyes and forehead.

Twin Brothers4The next day, they decided to go to the local swimming pool. Before swimming they had breakfast. Lucian, like a true Frenchman, ate bread with a lot of cheese. He also had some plain yogurt with some fruits. George, because he had lived in Japan for a long time, ate some rice with a few vegetables.

They went to the local pool, but their outing did not go exactly as planned. The edge of the pool was wet and both the brothers landed on the floor with a loud ‘thud’ and then into the water. Lucian stood up after the fall and his leg was a bit sore, but George had fractured his foot! Lucian helped George up, and drove to the hospital. His foot had to be put in cast.

The next day, when George was feeling better, they began wondering how one had a broken bone and the other did not. The French eat a lot of cheese, the calcium from which helps bones get stronger while in Japan they eat very little cheese and dairy products. The low amount of calcium affected George giving him a fractured foot!

But this did not spoil a meeting after 70 years! The brothers sat by a little park and told each other long stories about the years they had lived apart!

Adapted from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/34245947

Where does milk come from?