6. Learn: Protein

Learning objective and success criteria:

  • To understand why our bodies need protein
    • I can explain the importance of eating eggs, fish, poultry, red meat and pulses (legumes)

Preparation, resources, ingredients:

Read out loud:

Artur in MyanmarTony lived in Netherlands. He decided to finally practice his photography skills during a vacation that he was going to take. He packed a few clothes in a backpack while his passport and tickets were in a small pouch in his hand. His fancy camera hung around his neck. Tony was going to the Philippines and explore its villages. He was excited!

When he landed in the Philippines, he did everything as he had planned. He tasted the food like local fish and rice, and bought traditional crafts to gift his friends and family. He clicked lots and lots of photographs- smiling people, the trains, the streets and animals. After two weeks, his trip came to an end. He was happy to return home because he had had a great vacation. On returning home, he couldn’t wait to take out his camera and have a look at all the photographs and relive his holiday.

While he was looking at all the photographs, he remembered that the people in the Philippines where shorter than him. How could it be, he wondered. Most people were 20 centimeters shorter than him! He thought a lot and decided to do some research. He found out that a lot of children were not able to eat enough foods that provide protein to our bodies when they were growing up. Fish, meat and poultry provide protein which is important in growth. Tony realised that nutrition and good food is necessary for growth which helped our heights increase. While our bodies grow up to a certain height, according to how tall our parents and grandparents and other ancestors are, food plays a very important part too. Good food and nutrition means one can get a little taller and poor food and nutrition especially with little or no meat, fish and poultry means that one might not grow as tall.

Tony had gained some more knowledge about the country and their diet through his vacation. He had not only practiced his photography skills but also his research skills! He also promised to eat healthier because he had seen for himself, what difference good quality food can make.