About us

What if all children fulfilled their potential and became positive contributors to the world?

Becoming independent, learning to solve problems and work in teams – we believe these attributes and skills form an essential part of a modern, excellent education.

We have worked with innovative schools in England, Estonia and India – as well as organisations such as the British Council – to support deep learning.

Our two main areas of work are:

  1. Creating innovative curriculum resources – like the Happy Snacks unit
  2. Supporting teachers’ professional learning through highly practical training programmes

Key facts:

  • The ability to solve problems, work hard, communicate and work in teams are the most important skills that young European workers are missing, according to employers (McKinsey, 2014).
  • Just 11% of 15-year-old students across the OECD are able to solve fairly complex problems creatively (PISA, 2012).

Some of the research that informs our work: