Student learning during our most recent unit:Making chunky oven chips

  • 100% of parents agree that their children are more aware of what makes food healthy
  • 88% of parents have noticed positive changes in eating habits or food choices at home
  • 91% of parents have noticed their child trying out some of the healthy recipes (they learned during the unit) at home

Teachers’ professional learning:

  • 9.5 out of 10 – average score when participating teachers were asked whether they would recommend our training sessions to their colleagues


“What has been great about this unit and about doing it in the first half term of the year is that it has really set the standard. Some of the training we have had from Artur and the team has helped us to set a bar for what it looks like to have a unit of work and a lesson which is truly promoting our pupils’ independence.” Ed Vainker, Principal of Reach Academy Feltham, an outstanding school in London

“Working with Artur and his team was a very positive experience. They supported the British Council in developing a series of innovative curriculum packages on critical thinking and problem solving. These resources are now being used internationally.” Susan Douglas, Senior Adviser, Schools, British Council

“It was a really strong unit in terms of the amount that students learned and that it was really engaging. Children learned so much in their topic lessons that they were able to transfer to their literacy lessons. That led to some really strong pieces of writing towards the end of the unit.” Matilda Browne, Head of Year 3, Reach Academy Feltham

“We have had a lot of fun with Happy Snacks this half term. Children have grown massively in their independence and their knowledge of healthy eating.” Jon Brunskill, Head of Year 2, Reach Academy Feltham

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